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Diamond Education

The most important characteristics to understand when making a diamond purchase are Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight.


Diamond Cut

The most important of the 4Cs is cut because it has the greatest influence on a diamond's sparkle.


Diamond Clarity

The second most important of the 4Cs is color, which refers to a diamond's lack of color. The less color, the higher the grade.


Diamond Color

Often the least important of the 4Cs because the tiny imperfections are often microscopic.

Carat Weight

Diamond Carat Weight

The term carat actually refers to the diamond's total weight and not its size.

Other Factors

In addition to the four most important aspects of determining the quality and value of a diamond there are other considerations.

Shape: Each diamond shape has different attributes that affect price and quality grade.

Culet: The culet is the tiny facet or point at the bottom of a diamond, where the pavilion facets meet.

Girdle: The girdle is the thin perimeter of a diamond, dividing the crown (top) from the pavilion (bottom).

Polish & Symmetry: Polish and symmetry are key elements that impact a diamond’s finish and sparkle.

Depth: Depth also known as the height is the distance from the table to the culet of the diamond.

Table: The table refracts rays of light as they pass, directing them to the facets that make the diamond look so sparkly.

Certification: Unbiased diamond grading reports are offered with every Stone Mountain diamond.

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